Affordable Paella Catering Prices for Budget Cooking

9 février 2018 - 05:32

Organizing an event, whether it’s a formal or a casual occasion, can be a very tiring task especially if you are assigned to finding the caterer to provide the food and drinks to your event. This is why we gathered some useful tricks and tips which can help you stick to your budget but still hire the best catering service provider for your special event.

It’s important that you find affordable paella catering prices because it will be a great help especially if you are planning to throw a huge event. It’s true that hosting a big party will cost you a lot of money and the suppliers can be very expensive but you can follow some practical tips so you can still save more money atleast even just for the catering service.

If you are in Sydney, you can search for a number of paella catering service providers who offer reasonable prices for their services. Almost all of them can provide delicious paella recipes and they can also offer various types of paella such as white paella, black paella, seafood paella and even vegetarian paella.

To make sure you get to hire the best company who offers affordable paella catering prices, you have to take note of some things. The following are some information which you may find useful for your catering service hunting:

• Catering services charge per head- This means you have to pay the food and drinks as well as the services of the company per person. They provide a specific budget for the complete meal of a person. This is one of the reasons why it’s highly recommended that you just limit the number of guests on your party. However, you should also take note that some caterers require a minimum number of people to cater. So, make sure to ask this before deciding to hire the company. 

• They provide a specific number of staff- During your event, the caterers usually provide waiters/ waitresses to serve your guests with their meals. They also refill the drinks and make sure that they attend to your guests properly. However, if it’s a big event, some caterers may require additional fees for additional staff to be able to serve all your guests during the event.

• Some caterers provide venue styling- Some catering companies have their own party venues which you can use for your event. Some of them also offer basic venue styling for free. Sometimes, you just have to add extra fees if you want an upgrade to the venue style. Make sure to ask your potential caterer if they offer this service. It’s best if they do because you don’t have to go look for a separate supplier for styling the venue. 

You have to make sure that you ask your probable caterer all the necessary questions that you have to know about. Inquire about all the services they offer, the mode of payment they require, the inclusions that you can get if you hire them and more.


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